On Saturday, dozens of visitors flocked to Carrabelle to visit a citywide display showcasing local artists.

The Carrabelle Artists Association hosted an exhibit at the Franklin County Senior Center. The Rio Carrabelle downtown shop displayed works by Joan Matey and Fred Aman. Artists Joe Klotzman, Marian Morris, Harriet Beach, Cal Allen and Shirley Cox each opened their homes to art enthusiasts.

A special treat is still on display at the residence of Leon Wiesener. The retired art professor has completed phase three of his bottle house project, a lighted glass arch constructed totally of bottles. Wiesener created the display as a landmark to draw tourists to Carrabelle. Along with the arch, he has constructed a house and a working lighthouse of bottles.

Visitors are welcome to the glass structures at 604 SE Avenue F. Be sure to shut the gate to keep the Wiesenerís two friendly standard poodles safe inside. - By LOIS SWOBODA