In view of recent letters published in the Times, I think your readers should know that the defeated “Leave No Trace Ordinance” discarded the United States Constitution, the Florida Constitution and existing Franklin County ordinances. Yes, the proposed ordinance trampled upon private property rights as if they did not exist.

Here is what the proposed ordinance would allow:

·  Authorize non-law enforcement personnel without warrant and no distinguishing clothing to enter upon private property 24 hours a day and seize personal property.

·  Allow vehicles on the beach to haul off the confiscated personal property contrary to existing ordinances that prohibit vehicles on the beach and in many cases violate the covenants and deed restrictions of private property owners.

Needless to say, enforcement of the ordinance would expand local government, increase taxes and in my humble judgment have a negative impact on our tourist trade.

If I have heard it said one time in recent years, I have heard it said a thousand times: “We don’t want St. George Island to become another Panama City Beach.” Guess what?! That ‘s where the ordinance came from.

Willie Norred

St. George Island