Two classes made very different uses of a generous gift from the Apalachicola Masonic Lodge # 76, F and AM.

Every year, in January, the local Masons hold a fundraiser to purchase equipment for local schools. This year, the project was especially successful and the lodge was able to supply two $250 scholarships instead of one.

Worshipful Master Michael Shuler said the group voted to decide who would receive funds and chose LeAnn Poloronis’s fifth grade class at the Apalachicola Bay Charter School and Becky King’s fifth graders at the First Baptist Christian School.

The First Baptist group decided what they needed most was recreational equipment for the older students at the school. With their share of the money, they purchased a soccer ball, net, tennis balls and rackets.

Poloronis chose educational tools to support subjects being studied by her class. Included in her purchases were “Mr. Gallon,” a cardboard figure that illustrates units of liquid measure; Moon in My Room, a tool to illustrate the moon’s phases, Mr. Sketch, scented washable marking pens, scissors and a game set that allows students to compete in a Jeopardy-type game with questions from their classwork.  - By LOIS SWOBODA