Apalachicola resident Ron Harris, writing as R. Juan Harris, will debut his novel “The Ruby Sea Glass” at Downtown Books on Saturday, March 1. Harris moved here from Atlanta four years ago, when his real estate career went South along with the market. Along the way, he discovered a passion for writing.

In this new novel, Florida State University freshman Sloan Abernathy promises his dying father that he will buckle down, get straight A's, and shun unsuitable relationships. He believes that he is meeting these expectations when he joins ROTC, excels academically, and falls in love with a beautiful transfer student from Boston.

But, after graduation, stationed at an Army base in Spain, Sloan makes a single mistake that sends his life veering off in entirely different directions. Nicholas Sparks’ fans are sure to enjoy this story of a decent man trying to do the right thing while holding fast to his dream of sailing off into the sunset with his true love by his side.

Friends and well-wishers can join the author at Downtown Books from 1 to 3 pm. For more information or to reserve a copy of “The Ruby Sea Glass,” call the bookstore at 653-1290.