The following is the honor roll for the second nine-week grading period at Franklin County Middle School.


Sixth grade

All A's: Chloe Owens, Kt Nessly

A/B: Chasity Ard, Jacob Shirley, Mikel Register, Shyne Faircloth, Tristin Segree


Seventh grade

All A's: Jessica Rudd

A/B: Beyla Walker, Breanna Murray, Makenzie Shuman, Melanie Collins, Ethan Sand, Peyton Millender, Cassey Riley, Kiana Foley, Fisher Edwards, Rory Countryman, Tonnor Segree


Eighth grade

All A's: Josie Kriss

A/B: Evangelina Ducker, Jake Paterson, Justin Arellano, Leah Reeder, Matthew Turner