You've previously published my letter in opposition to your front-page campaign against the military use of Tate's Hell.

Now, following your latest on Jan. 30, 2014 (“Residents bemoan military exercises”), I want to reiterate my strongest objection to what you are doing. From conversations with others who live here, I know it is not just I who find the loud-mouthed objections of some of our residents unacceptable.

Your article mentioned "several complaint calls" about recent helicopter flights. If this is all it takes to generate a headline in The Times, then we would be better served by a front page editorial talking about patriotic duty. The complainants ought to be glad they haven't experienced the flights of dozens of choppers simultaneously along with the sound of incoming rocket and mortar explosions at close range.

I don't know how many outsiders subscribe to The Times. I know I did for years before moving down here. Had I read what you're writing now, I would have realized that not only is the county occupied by quite a number of unpatriotic know-nothings, but that the local newspaper staff seems to revel in stirring this pot. Do you enjoy having this unseemly reputation not just for our citizens but for yourselves as well? Is this likely to improve the reputation of outsiders towards Franklin County? How about our reputation among our neighbors a few miles to our west in the Air Force bases?

This country needs a trained military. America also needs to shrink the military budget. If we as a county can help achieve these goals with some slight inconveniences, let's do it. It will be more easily accomplished with the leadership of a thoughtful editorial staff - not a staff that rewards the loudmouths with press coverage.

Tom Stover