Editorís note: Staff writer Lois Swoboda met Cindy, Moxie and Ray-Ray during the Humane Society Christmas celebration at Riverfront Park. Both of the dogs were rescues. The Steigers are a very special family who welcomed a disabled puppy into their home. Here is their story.


We were at the Franklin County Humane Society, considering adopting a puppy. An abandoned Papillion had recently given birth to a litter. We picked out an adorable pup and named her Moxie for her ferocious growling at the shelter cat when she was just a few days old. Weekly, we visited Moxie in hopes of making the transition easier on her when she would be going home permanently with us.

During one such visit, Moxieís brother was out with her. Moxie had a firm grip on her brotherís tail, hilariously dragging him round and round the office. The two obviously loved each other. We inquired if the brother had been adopted, but were told he was diagnosed with neurological problems and was blind. He would not be placed for adoption. He would be euthanized.

After seeing the two pups interact, we adopted him as well. Ray and Moxie now live in their forever home, where they have a nice fenced backyard to play, chase and bark at the butterflies. Ray is doing quite well with his vision, and is enjoying a fun life with Moxie.

In fact, they recently placed second place at the annual Christmas Costume Show, put on by the Franklin County Humane Society.