A Jan. 23 news brief in The Times, headlined “Commissioners ask legislators for funding,” listed projects for which our county commissioners are seeking funding in the 2014 state budget. The majority of the proposed projects are in regards to improvements and repairs of existing waterways and drainage systems. Hopefully the legislature will allot us the necessary monies to fully address these issues. The notable exception to these improvement/repair requests is Cheryl Sanders’ request for $600,000 to purchase Island View and turn it into a county park.

Parks are nice, but flood control and proper drainage are necessities. With only so much money to go around, we need to spend it where it will do the most good. Purchase of the Island View would create future expenses in continuing park upkeep. There are currently two fishing dock/piers at the Island View site. Paying for their repair when the next Dennis comes through should be entered into the equation. Their mere existence would create a liability for the county. Also, if the county purchases Island View it would lose the thousands of dollars in the tax revenues which it currently receives on this property.

Franklin County already has a number of nice parks including Carrabelle Beach which is not far from the Island View site. We are also surrounded by national and state forests which lend easy access to sites for leisure time activities. Let’s request funds for projects that are truly needed instead of seeking funding for a project which would create additional liability and expense and also reduce the county’s revenues.


S. Railey