A recent Times article (see Jan. 16, 2014 article “Carrabelle commissioners defend weekend noise) concerned the band at The Fish Camp playing loud music until after 1 a.m. Even the heading of the article refers to this loud, band playing as weekend “noise.” Commissioner Charlotte Schneider defended The Fish Camp’s actions. However, she did state “Sometimes when there’s loud music at night, we get aggravated.” The article goes on to point out that the loud, late-night band playing was not illegal.

I did not see anywhere in the article wherein Ted Brodley, the complainant, asked the band to stop playing altogether. Mr. Brodley’s only complaint which the article addresses is that the music is too loud, with the bass even “vibrating his air conditioning vents.” In the article, Commissioner Schneider’s responses to Mr. Brodley seemed rather contentious. Her comments make it seem as if Mr. Brodley wants to shut down The Fish Camp and put all their employees out of work.

What has happened to common courtesy and consideration for your neighbors? No one wants to put The Fish Camp or the band out of business. However, the band needs to turn down its volume at a reasonable hour. Their patrons can be entertained and enjoy live music without the volume/bass being at a window-shaking volume.

Ms. Schneider mentions that The Fish Camp employs “single mothers and fathers” and that they pay their taxes. Well, Mr. Brodley owns several properties in Franklin County and his tax monies pay to send the children of these single mothers and fathers to school. He has no voice in the election of commissioners nor does he get the benefit of a homestead exemption when he pays his taxes, but it is people like he who have spent their monies here for years who are keeping this county financially afloat.

What someone can legally do and what someone should rightly do are not always the same thing. It seems to me the solution to this “noise” problem is neither complex nor costly. The Fish Camp needs to be a good neighbor and have the band voluntarily turn down its volume at a reasonable hour.

S. Railey