Longtime St. George Islander Dominic Baragona was treated to a surprise party during a visit to St. George Island last weekend.

On Sunday afternoon, aided by Baragona’s daughter Pam Robinson and wife Vilma, Harry Arnold hosted a get together at the Jay Abbott Firehouse.

Baragona was lured to the scene with the promise of watching afternoon football with friends. Before sitting down to eat, friends and family took turns recounting memories of Baragona and his time on the island.

“Everything that I am and everything that I want to be is because of this person,” said daughter Pam.

Wife Vilma thanked everyone present and said the island would always be her home.

Many county residents will remember Baragona as the proprietor of Dominic’s Raw Bar that served food on the porch at Harry A’s bar. The Baragonas stopped over on a trip to New Orleans to celebrate his 80th birthday on Monday