Carrabelle Mayor Wilburn “Curley” Messer last week received an award for his long years of public service.

At the Jan. 9 meeting of the Carrabelle city commission, Messer received a plaque from the board of directors of the Florida League of Cities acknowledging him for 25 years of elected service.

City Clerk Keisha Messer read the award aloud. “Whereas, Wilburn Messer has held office in the City of Carrabelle for 25 years and is recognized for this achievement. Now be it resolved by the board of directors of the Florida League of Cities, Inc. that Wilburn Messer is commended for his dedication to the City of Carrabelle and is recognized as an outstanding public servant of Florida.”

The city also awarded Messer a commemorative medallion. “I want to thank my family first. I’ve got a number one family,” said the mayor. “The main thing I want to do is thank the people of Carrabelle. When they put me in office, they knew I was doing a good job and I will stay in office as long as they want me and then I will step down. Thank you to all the members of the board and the workers at city hall. Thank you for serving with you.”

About 30 members of the Messer family attended the city meeting and the entire audience erupted into applause after Messer’s remarks.