On Saturday, unusual doings made it begin to look a lot like Christmas in Carrabelle.

A surprise visitor was greeting shoppers on the corner of Tallahassee Street and US 98. The old elf himself was on hand to direct gift seekers to the gently used clothing shop next door. An array of camo and outdoor ware was drawing a lot of attention from passers by and Santa was handy to pose for snaps. He seemed a little warm in his cozy suit. Next time go for the Bermudas St. Nick.

Over on 11th Street, behind his shop, Shawn Oxendine had his latest trophy buck strung up on display. If you have a sleigh and eight tiny reindeer on the roof, better double-check them. Shawn seems to have gotten a little trigger-happy.

But the biggest excitement in town on Saturday was Mayor Curley Messer showing off the holiday greetings he received last week from both President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden’s card was a photo collage of the veep and family signed by everyone, including Champs, the family’s magnificent German shepherd.

Not to be outdone, the Obamas offered up a three-dimensional cut paper confection created by Chris Hankinson, showing the White House surrounded by a snowy landscape. Making tracks in the snow are Obama’s black Portuguese water dogs, Sunny and Bo.

Messer said he is a registered Democrat but not a big fan of Obama. “Things would go better in Washington if they let God take charge,” said the mayor.

Messer said once the holidays are over, he plans to have a glass case built for the cards.

“I don’t know why they sent them, but it’s a great honor. It’s good to know Washington remembers a little town like Carrabelle,” said Messer.