The Florida Wild Mammal Association has performed a first in animal rescue.

Several months ago, some Good Samaritans spotted fawn in their back yard stumbling into objects as if blind. They captured it and brought it to the FWMA where it was examined by Director Chris Beatty.

The deer was dehydrated, starving and covered in ticks.

It became clear that both eyes were cloudy and he was probably blind. It was several weeks before he was stable enough to visit Dr. Heidi Guhrt at the Crawfordville Animal Hospital for an evaluation.

The deer’s rescuers had named him Frodo. He quickly became a favorite at FWMA.

When Frodo was strong enough, Guhrt made him an appointment with Dr. Matthew Chandler at the Animal Eye Clinic in Tallahassee who recommended cataract surgery. Frodo was the first deer that Chandler had treated. The facility where it could be performed was in Jacksonville.

Noni Beck, director of Goosecreek Wildlife in Tallahassee, offered to do the transport. Frodo's surgery went very well and Beck brought him back later the same day it was performed. He sucked down two bottles for milk and started to nibble on some feed right after he got home.

Today, Frodo is running and playing like any other fawn.

Because FWMA is a licensed wildlife rehabilitation facility, they cannot invite visitors over to view their patients.

While they receive injured wildlife from US Fish and Wildlife Service, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and other government agencies, they receive no government compensation. FWMA is totally funded by grants and donations.

You can send a tax-deductible donation to Florida Wild Mammal Association, 198 Edgar Poole Road, Crawfordville, Florida 32327, or visit and use the Paypal button to make an instant donation.

If you find an injured animal, please bring it to our 198 Edgar Poole Road in Crawfordville.