As many of my patients in Franklin County have noticed, I have not been available to tend to your health care needs, either at Weems Clinic West in Apalachicola or at Weems East in Carrabelle. I assure you, this was not my choice.

Unfortunately, the federal government revoked my billing privileges for Medicare and Medicaid patients in October, even though I had these privileges for 12 years without any problems. So for now, Weems cannot bill Medicare or Medicaid for the services I provide, causing a financial problem for the hospital.

I am doing my best to find a solution to this. I have contacted Congressman Southerland’s office to see if there is some way that the government can restore my billing status. If that fails, I may have to return to school to take a few courses required to get my graduate degree in nursing (although I completed all of the courses required for a master’s degree at Florida State University in 1995).

In the meantime, know that I have enjoyed serving you these past two years, and when I was at Weems from 2003 through 2006. I regret that circumstances beyond my control have put me in this bind, but I am optimistic that I can work through this in the near future.