The last two months of the 2012-13 fiscal year tapered off, but the Tourist Development Council bed tax revenues still managed to finish nearly 7 percent ahead of last year.

Final numbers for the fiscal year showed that revenues totaled about $978,000, 6.8 percent ahead of last year’s $916,000 total.

This increase of about $62,000 yielded the best year on record since the 2 percent bed tax began in 2005. TDC officials said this represented a more than a $3 million revenue increase for Franklin County lodging companies alone, as well as a boost to other tourist-related businesses.

The increase in collections came despite drops in monthly revenues for both August and September.

In August, revenue collections from overnight accommodation providers slid about 7.6 percent, from nearly $94,000 in 2012 to nearly $87,000 this year, which is still the second best August on record.

In September, revenues dropped by 9.3 percent, from $63,000 in 2012 to about $57,000 this year, which is slightly below the total in September 2011.

The best month of this fiscal year was in June, which brought in a whopping $196,000 in bed tax revenues, a 36 percent hike over the year before, when it ran about $144,000.

The biggest drop came in May, which yielded only about $116,000, about $25,000 less than the eyar before, and only the fourth best May on record.

With the exception of a slight drop in the 2008-9 fiscal year, TDC revenues have increased every year since the tax was put into place in 2005, beginning with about $698,000 in its first complete fiscal year of existence.

Franklin County’s tourism marketing efforts are currently funded through a 2 percent tourism tax collected from visitors by lodging providers countywide. Commissioners have shelved a proposal to double the bed tax to 4 percent, which would bring in approximately $800,000 more per year to TDC coffers.