Franklin County’s newest Christmas tradition, the Best Dressed Dog contest, has come and gone. This year’s winners were Ponto and Wallye McMillan, of Carrabelle and Atlanta, the pair belonging to Lily and Zach McMillan.

Ponto, a 125-pound Rottweiler was also biggest in show, but he was a good sport and remained patient throughout the judging.

Ponto and Wallye’s costumes were created by Rebecca McMillan, Zach’s mother. She said a hot glue gun and several visits to Hobby Lobby contributed to her success.

First runners-up were Heidi, a Yorkie in a pink tutu, and Bailey a terrier mix disguised as Santa. The pair belongs to Darlene Pearce, also of Carrabelle.

Second runners-up were Moxie and Ray Ray, both mixed breeds, the siblings rescued from the Franklin County Animal Shelter.

Returning for the second time were Laffy Taffy and Frankie Blue Eyes Nugent, an attractive pair belonging to Raquel and Michael Nugent.

Carrabelle Police Chief Craig Kincaid was on hand with Gizmo, a rescue dog from Michigan, in a handsome Christmas sweater.

Lovely Nina, a white standard poodle, appeared with owner Sally Heinz, of Memphis, Tenn.

Shelter Director Karen Martin said the event found homes for two kittens and raised money for the humane society. She was pleased with the turnout, especially since it competed with several important football games.