Editorís note: This Saturday, Dec. 7, America will observe with sad memories the 72nd anniversary of the Japanese attack that launched U.S. involvement in World War II.


December 7, 1941, Japan attacked our naval base at Pearl Harbor without warning;

in an act of undeclared war that peaceful Sunday morning.


The planned attack inflicted massive destruction on ships and countless innocent lives;

as wave after wave of Japanese planes strafed and bombed everything in sight.


Our nation was outraged and badly crippled by Japan's merciless massacre;

so we fought back in self-defense,

and over three years of bloody battles, slowly regained supremacy.


Then our troops invaded Okinawa, Japan's last stronghold in the Pacific,

and captured the island;

leaving our next major offensive, the heavily fortified mainland of Japan.


With no end in sight to stop the sacrifice of innocent lives;

our war weary country felt the time was right

to test our secret, the atomic bomb, on enemy sites.


The bombs devastated Hiroshima like doomsday

and Japan immediately conceded

to our demands for unconditional surrender and all POWs set free.


August 6, 1945, was the historical day the Japanese American war ceased;

and today we are allies, united in pursuing world peace.