The 28th of November, 2013 we will celebrate Thanksgiving Day;

The historical holiday began in 1620, and continues until today.

We thank those courageous Pilgrims for our freedom of faith.


It started when some devout English men defected from the United Kingdom.

They left Southampton and sailed across the ocean on the Mayflower

to the new world for religious freedom.


The Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock just before night;

in a strange land where Indians had established squatters' rights

and definitely didn't want the white man on their site.


The early settlers were hardy with nerves like leather;

and they stood their ground hoping the Indians would mellow.

But things got worse before they got better;

until the natives came to realize these foreigners were nice fellows.


In due time on a bright night under a harvest moon's light;

after an overdose of strong wine and some puffs on a peace pipe;

they made friends of their foe, and staggered to their tents high as a kite.


The next day, sick with a hangover, they went as agreed;

to celebrate like blood brothers with a lavish feast.

They brought a bounty from the fields, the hunters brought wild meat;

and they set the table with all the vittles ready to eat.


They gathered around the table in the crisp, cool weather;

 lifted their glass to honor their friendship forever;

and gave thanks before they ate their first meal together.


Happy Thanksgiving,

Mary Westberg