Delegation hearing set for Dec. 2

The Franklin County Legislative Delegation will be holding a public hearing in Apalachicola, Florida, on Monday, Dec. 2 at 7 p.m. The hearing will be held in the Franklin County Courthouse Annex, 37 Forbes Street, Apalachicola.

All residents and elected officials are invited to attend. This hearing will allow the citizens the opportunity to meet their legislators, discuss concerns, ask questions and offer comments for the upcoming 2014 Legislative Session.

For more information, call (850) 487-5003 or email Marcia Mathis at


Extra security planned for Vrooman Park

On Nov. 19, Parks and Recreation Director Nikki Millender asked county commissioners for permission to purchase security cameras for Vrooman Park in Eastpoint. We are continually having vandalism there, she said.

The park received more than $13,000 in repairs following damage from a waterspout this spring. Millender said 20 feet of the new fence was flattened by a truck or four-wheeler earlier this month.

Fortunately, parks and recreation had materials on hand that enabled the repairs to be done in-house. It was the third time this year weve had vandalism, there, Millender said.

She said she had priced security cameras at $160 each. Commissioner Pinki Jackel suggested the sheriffs office might have cameras on hand they could lend, but urged Millender to take whatever steps were needed to secure the property.

I move you do what you need to. A camera is cheaper than the equipment and repairs, said Jackel.

The motion passed unanimously. The commission also told Millender to ask the sheriffs office to have patrols visit the park more frequently.


Car seats, booster, safety belts save lives

With the holidays approaching and plans for visiting family and friends in full swing, its a good time to remind everyone of the importance of using your seat belt while riding in a vehicle, including making sure children are properly secured in a car seat or booster seat. A recent seat belt survey by the Florida Department of Transportation shows that approximately 90 percent of drivers in Florida are using their seat belts. While the statistics are encouraging, unfortunately ten percent of Florida motorists are still not buckling up.

This time of year can be hectic and in our rush to get everything done, it can be easy to overlook some necessary safeguards, said Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Executive Director Julie Jones. Whether its a trip across town to go shopping or a trip across the state to see relatives, its important to take that extra minute before driving off to ensure that everyone in the vehicle is buckled up and secure for the journey.

Florida law requires the use of seat belts by drivers of motor vehicles and all children riding in a vehicle under the age of 18. FLHSMV and FDOT recommend:

  Buckle Up. A seatbelt is your vehicles most important safety feature.

  Use a car seat for children under age 3 for every trip, even if you are just going down the street.

  Make sure all car and booster seats you use are crash-tested and federally-approved.

  Select a car seat based on your childs age and size, and always follow the manufacturers directions.

  Keep children in the back seat, at least through age 12. When used with seat belts, air bags work well to protect teenagers and adults. However, air bags can be very dangerous to children, particularly those riding in rear-facing car seats, and to preschool and young school-aged children who are not properly restrained.

  Soon-to-be parents should buy their infant car seat before having the baby so you are ready to bring home the new addition to your family safely.

  Replace a car seat if the vehicle has been in a moderate to severe crash to ensure a continued high level of protection.


More information and additional safety tips can be found at or