Don’t miss a hilarious take-off this weekend at Apalachicola’s Dixie Theatre on the mystery plays of the 1920s, complete with sliding panels, robed figures, wills being read at midnight, and more.

The idioms, costumes, hairdos, and makeup of the period add to the thrills and laughter of the play “Any Number Can Die,” written by Fred Carmichael and directed by Megan Lamb.

Several ingenious murders take place in an island mansion as a pair of elderly detectives, Ernestine Wintergreen (Liz Sisung) and Hannibal Hix (Hank Kozlowsky) set to work on their first case. The ever popular storm, the unexpected guests, the cryptic poem, and the missing fortune all add to the intricate and inventive mystery off which the laughs bounce.

Bobbi Seward stars as attorney Ruth Masters, who reads the will, while Judy Loftus appears in the role of Zenia, a Haitian Creole maid who acts as if she knows things before they happen. Zenia plays across from the butler Edgars, played by Tom Loughridge, who gives the appearance of something out of a Transylvanian horror story.

Jeana Crozier and Steven Allen appear as Celia and T.J. Lathrop, a sophisticated couple approaching middle age who need the money from the will in a bad way.

Rounding out the cast are Katie Maxwell, as Sally VanViller, described as “the most typical ingénue that ever breathed,” with tiny red lips, huge eyes, and the extreme innocence of her youth.

Fighting over her charms are Carter Forstman (David Adlerstein), an energetic young man with a coldness behind his eyes, and Jack Regent (Royce Rolstad), a newspaper reporter honest beyond all doubt, strong and kind-hearted and true at all times.

Curtain times are Friday, Nov. 15 and Saturday, Nov. 16 at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, Nov. 17 at 3 p.m.

Tickets are $15 and may be purchased at Downtown Books in Apalachicola, The Butler Agency in Eastpoint, and Carrabelle Junction, or the Dixie Theatre box office prior to the shows.

For more information, call 653-5586.

Auditions for the Panhandle Players' winter production “The Kitchen Witches” will be on Monday, Nov. 18 at 6:30 p.m. at the Eastpoint Fire Station. There are three speaking parts (two female and one male) and one non-speaking part. (female or male).

For those who cannot make Nov. 18, please call the director, Ann Cowles at 697-4660 ahead of time to schedule an audition on Tuesday, Nov. 19, same time, same place.

Anyone interested in reviewing the script before the audition, excerpts from the play, “Kitchen Witches” is now available at the libraries in Apalachicola, Eastpoint and Carrabelle.

Those who would like to read from their own material, rather than from script excerpts, may bring their material to the audition