In regards to your statements, Commissioner Sanders, in the Nov. 7 issue of the Times, it is bad enough that you have no administrative skills, no management skills and CERTAINLY no fiscal skills as evidenced by your budget debacles, but to now stand against our military shows you to be a disgrace and embarrassment to this county and the nation.

I resent you using your position to advance your agenda, and ostensibly speak on behalf of all the citizens of Franklin County.

I also find it more than curious that Senator Montford should invite you to speak on behalf of all citizens of Franklin County rather than solicit a broader-based public opinion.

You have presented NO DATA to support your facetious claim of forest usage. Specifically, how many folks did what activity, when did they do it, how many did it, how long did they do it, and where did they do it in Tate’s Hell / Blackwater forests?

The military trains, and serves to protect you 24 /7, and you have clearly demonstrated that you have no respect for their training needs nor their mission.

Perhaps if you traveled to the Jacksonville Naval Air Station and shook the hands of soldiers returning from Afghanistan – wait some have no hands. Perhaps you could walk with them in the next Memorial Day parade – wait some have no legs.

I guess that is the price you put on hunting and fishing in Tate’s Hell / Blackwater forests.

I would urge ALL citizens of Franklin County, to write or call the Governor and the Legislature to demand your immediate recall.

John Hitron