An armed robbery of the Eastpoint Expresslane store ended with the apprehension of the fleeing suspect Thursday afternoon.

According to a news release from the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, Detective Duane Cook was conducting an investigation in Eastpoint when he was flagged down by clerks from the Expresslane, 241 U.S. 98. A clerk told Cook a black male had just robbed the store and fled on foot.

Cook gave pursuit in the direction the man was reported to have fled and observed Willie Thomas, 48, of Dothan, Ala. running down Power Drive away from the store. Thomas entered a white Chevrolet pickup truck and fled the area towards Apalachicola at a high rate of speed.

Cook pursued Thomas until reaching the “high hump” of the John Gorrie Bridge where a traffic stop was conducted with the assistance of Apalachicola Police Officer Timmy Davis.

Further investigation revealed Thomas was in possession of a note and a fake gun used during the robbery. Officers said he also had $795 in cash on his person that said was loot from the robbery. The vehicle used during the robbery was found to be stolen as well.

Thomas was arrested for armed robbery with a non-deadly weapon, grand theft and grand theft auto, and transported to the Franklin County Jail.