A 51-year-old Carrabelle man was arrested Saturday for attempted murder after he allegedly stabbed two men earlier that morning on the Carrabelle docks.

David B. Keith, Sr. was arrested at his home, and taken to the jail about 10 a.m. Saturday morning. He had his first appearance on Sunday before Circuit Judge Frank Sheffield.

Keith was charged with aggravated battery - great bodily harm, and attempted first-degree murder, and later posted a surety bond of $40,000 for his release.

According to a report by Carrabelle Police Officer Gary Hunnings, the incident happened sometime before 2:08 a.m. Saturday on the Carrabelle docks near Fathom's Raw Bar, 201 St. James Avenue.

The raw bar had been closed since 11:30 p.m. Owner Eric Pfeufer said he was called about 3 a.m., and he returned to the area to see what had happened.

Hunnings said when he arrived at the scene, there was a man lying on the ground, with several people over him.

He said John Shane Evans, 40, of Crawfordville, “came up and was holding his stomach, saying that he and his friend had been stabbed. Evans had his left hand over his stomach, slightly on the left side.”

After Evans held up his shirt, Hunnings said he saw “blood was coming from the wound. It looked like some of his intestines were coming out of the hole in his stomach.”

Evans told the officer that his friend, James L. McIntyre, 23, of Sopchoppy, “was worse than he was.”

Hunnings said he approached McIntyre, who “was laying on the ground covered in blood.” The officer said McIntyre had apparently sustained cuts to the left forearm and left side of the stomach, and a small cut under the left eye.

Hunnings said McIntyre “was unable to talk, was very intoxicated and wounded very bad.”

The Carrabelle police officer said the men had been drinking with friends at nearby Harry’s Bar, when they came upon Keith and a woman, Kimberly Ann Wallace, 43, who were walking towards them,

Evans said McIntyre and Keith got into a “verbal altercation (before) Keith pulled out a knife and started slashing (McIntyre).

Evans told the officer that McIntyre fell to the ground and that Keith “started kicking James in the face.

“Keith then got over James and drew the knife and was going to stab him again,” Hunnings wrote in his report.

Evans said he told Keith to stop, and then “ran up and kicked Keith in the face to stop him.” Keith then stabbed Evans in the stomach, Evans told the officer.

Evans told the officer that Wallace told Keith “to go and run,” and the man ran to his motorcycle and sped away.

Hunnings notified Sheriff’s Deputy Robert Shiver to go after him.. Shiver later spotted Keith driving north on Highway 67, and attempted to catch up to him, but was unable to.

Shiver drove to Keith’s residence and saw the motorcycle abandoned in a field not far from the house. Both men were said to be recovering from their injuries as of press time.