In a stirring speech Saturday afternoon, Republican Party of Florida Vice Chairman Blaise Ingoglia urged voters to rein in government spending and suggested strategies, but stopped short of detailing specific cuts to the federal budget.


Ingoglia spoke to a packed house at GOP headquarters in Eastpoint on the topic “Government Gone Wild,” the name of the blog from which he delivers his message.

Ingoglia, a forceful speaker, and he began with a direct warning. “I’m gonna scare you and, as a nation, we need to be a little scared about what’s going on,” he said. “The nation is hurting right now. We’re going from one nation under God to one nation under water.”

Ingoglia asked for a show of hands from those in the room, numbering at least 60, who believed there should be a law requiring a balanced federal budget. Everyone raised their hands.

 “Due to deficit debts and interest on debts, the budget is unbalanceable right now,” he said. “It’s the dirty little secret in Congress. If we just paid for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and interest on debts, you can close every other federal program and still not balance the budget.”

Ingoglia said the national debt stands at over $16 trillion and is climbing. “If you got Congress to stop spending and pay $100 million a day, it would take over 100 years to pay it off,” he said.

Ingoglia contrasted what he called the liberal and conservative approaches to solving the problem. Liberals, he said, answer everything by increasing revenue, while conservatives seek to cut spending and grow the economy.

“Clearly, we have a spending problem,” he said. “We pay more for taxes each year than we spend on food and clothing.”

Ingoglia blamed much of the spending on unfunded liabilities, including Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

“The idea is that the government’s job is to take care of you because you can’t take care of yourself,” he said. “They are buying our votes with what used to be our tax money.”

He said one in three people is on food stamps and the government is funding ad campaigns to increase the number.

He described the nation’s economy as upside down. “My house is worth less than my mortgage. That’s upside down. The country is upside down,” said Ingoglia.

According to Ingoglia, 47 percent of US citizens do not pay federal income tax and over 30 percent actually make money off of the Internal Revenue Service, many of whom are neither elderly nor retired. He said that because of unsustainable economic practices, the country has been downgraded by Standard and Poor’s.

“Romney picked Ryan because they understand this is unsustainable,” he said.

Ingoglia said that 75 to 80 percent of Americans agree with sustainable government practices and many Democrats are conservative, good people.

“This is not your father’s Democratic Party,” he warned and predicted that, if President Obama serves a second term, he will appoint two more justices to the Supreme Court, leaving a 5-4 liberal majority he tagged as “Barack’s Bench.”

Ingoglia warned that this is the most important presidential election in the nation’s history. “Who will solve the problems of the nation?” he asked. “It’s going to be us. We desperately need a new generation of patriots.”

Ingoglia called on the nation to “fix tax system, fix entitlements and as a last thing is to pay down debt. The debt is equal to the size of economy; we have to grow economy and to hold debt level.”

Ingoglia finished by saying he pays his own way when presenting speaking engagements around the state.

The weekend meeting was also a fundraiser for the county food bank. Organizer Liz Sisung said the Republican Party raised $190 for the cause, and leftovers from the picnic luncheon were donated as well.