t basically comes down to a $7 cut for constitutional officers next fiscal year, except for the sheriff which is $8, and the school board, which is $2.

Thatís not per hour, per week or per month. Thatís per year.

The Florida Legislatureís Office of Economic and Demographic Research last month released the annual calculations, which apply to the fiscal year beginning Oct. 1, for all 67 counties. While the practice of having state law set the pay for Florida county officials started with the Constitution of 1885, Florida lawmakers ended the need for frequent legislative action in 1973, when they authorized the salary compensation formula that was the precursor to its present form.

The formula is based in large part on a countyís population and Franklin County, with 11,527 people, finds itself in the smallest of the population groupings. Only Liberty and Lafayette counties are smaller, each with about 3,000 fewer people.

The formula begins with a base salary, and then multiplies it by a series of modifiers, to get the eventual pay.

In the case of the sheriff, the highest paid of the countyís five constitutional officers, incoming Sheriff Mike Mock will make $99,291, $8 less than the $99,299 per year Sheriff Skip Shiver made this past year.

Clerk of Court Marcia Johnson and Tax Collector Jimmy Harris, each re-elected without opposition, and incoming Property Appraiser Rhonda Skipper, who succeeds Doris Pendleton, will each make $90,696, $7 less than the $90,703 salaries in place this year.

The five county commissioners will each be paid $25,028 next year, once again, $7 less than the $25,035 the job paid this year. The five school board members will make $24,006, $2 less than the $24,208 in the pay envelopes this year.

Superintendent Nina Marks, also reelected without opposition, will see a salary of $90,696 in the coming year, $7 less than she made this year. While the county salaries commenced with the start of the fiscal year Oct. 1, the school salaries began July 1, with the start of the school districtís fiscal year.

Select county constitutional officers are eligible to receive a special qualification salary of up to $2,000 added to their formula-based salary, if the officer successfully completes the required certification program. Certification programs are offered to the clerks of circuit court, sheriffs, supervisors of elections, property appraisers, tax collectors, and elected school superintendents.

The salaries of Floridaís elected state officials and full-time members of commissions are not set by a statutory salary formula, but are set annually in the General Appropriations Act.

None of these have changed this year. Circuit Court Judge Angela Dempsey will continue to be paid $142,178 per year, and County Court Judge Van Russell $134,280 annually.

The winner of the race between State Attorney Willie Meggs, who is facing Republican challenger Pete Williams next month, would make $150,077, the same pay rate as Public Defender Nancy Daniels.

Salaries for all members of the Florida Senate and House members are $29,697 each.