Yes! The county commissioners’ voting for the new budget are a “disgrace to Franklin County!” And, contrary to commissioner Sanders, this is NOT due to their education; NOT due to their financial status; and NOT due to their family history. Rather, it is due to their lack of fiscal responsibility, lack of backbone to make hard decisions, and lack of leadership!

An across-the-board cut of at least 2 percent or even 3 percent would prevent any tax increase. The cuts would be equally shared, services would be reduced, but no employees need be terminated. However, the commissioners, in their failure to exercise any leadership judgment, have cherry picked their budget items to satisfy select constituencies, and in some cases shown complete disinterest in the process.

Instead, they have burdened “across-the-board” cuts to every family in the county. Families will now have to cut their food budgets, their back-to-school clothing and supplies budgets, their slim if any recreational budgets … all because the county commission lacked the backbone to make necessary budget cuts.

Every family in the county; the single mother with children, the senior citizen on a fixed income, the distressed seafood workers, and all the others, now have to cut their budgets to come up with the extra hundred(s) of dollars to meet the inability of the county commissioners to Cut Spending.

This, my fellow citizens is the real disgrace of Franklin County!

John Hitron