Sculptors Sid and Lynn Wilroy of Memphis, TN and Cape San Blas were featured at a pleasant soiree in the Bowery district of Apalachicola Friday evening.

The Bowery Gallery, 149 Commerce Sreet, hosted the reception to introduce the Wilroys’ work to its Apalachicola clientele, along with the display of hundreds of works by other regional artists. Stained glass, textile arts, paper sculpture and ceramics were all on view as part of the “Off yonder somewhere” exhibit that last until the end of October.

Gallery Director Leslie Wallace Coon said she was very pleased with the evening. “It was wonderful. The party never got too crowded and people were buying,” she said. “We had red dots everywhere.”

Retired French teacher Lynn Wilroy, a ceramic artist, throws basic forms on a potter’s wheel and then ornaments them with hand-formed additions in a process that takes about a week. She then fires them, often more than once. Her final firing is raku and produces unpredictable but exciting results.

Physician Sid Wilroy, who specializes in Childhood genetic disorders, builds his pieces around found objects, including wood and bone, which he combines with clay to produce fanciful objects inspired by his travels.  His whimsical sense of humor is evident in many of his works including the King Kong series.

The couple say they believe play is important to health and self realization.

Sid Wilroy said most birth defects are caused by substance abuse and could be prevented if people spent time exploring themselves and their creativity. - By LOIS SWOBODA