A Pensacola man was found dead in the parking area at the Ten Foot Hole marina in Apalachicola on Sunday morning..

Sometime during the early morning hours of Oct. 13, Robert Warren Smith, 60, is believed to have taken his own life with a shotgun.

Jerry Weber and Clarice Powell, who had spent the night on Weber’s houseboat, noticed a man seated in a folding chair facing west when they left the marina to shop for breakfast early Sunday morning.

On returning to the houseboat around 10 a.m., Weber commented that the man had not moved. Powell, a victim’s advocate for the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, said she feared Smith had suffered a heart attack, but on approaching the body, saw the shotgun. She asked Weber to call 911. The call was eventually made by a fisherman on the wharf.

Powell said Smith was seated next to his white Cadillac Escalade in a chair he had brought with him. Powell said she and several other persons who spent the night at the marina had heard a sound “like a firecracker” between 1 and 2 a.m.

The case remains under investigation by the Apalachicola Police Department.

Powell said, based on identification found with the body, Smith was the captain of a cruise ship. She said there were two cigars near the chair, and a sealed note was found next to the body. - By LOIS SWOBODA