In this day and age of malfunctioning government, I thought Iíd share my good news! Government is working, at least on a local level.

As you may be aware, Kentucky Avenue in Lanark went under water about six weeks ago. My boyfriend and I are the only permanent residents that were affected by this, but you would have thought there were at least 100 taxpayers living there with the wonderful response we received.

Our county commissioner, Cheryl Sanders, came out on the first day (a Sunday to boot!), and offered any assistance she could, both on a county and private level. Ms. Sanders has been in touch ever since and always has time to talk to me even if itís just to let me vent.

Cheryl sent out the public works people, and they have been working with us to find a solution to this problem. Tommy of public works needs a special mention and our heartfelt thanks, as he also has been very available and receptive to all our ideas and suggestions.

Now I know that some of the weekenders have been unhappy and made some grumbling noises, but as they do not live here, and didnít have to live with four feet of water and getting in and out of their home by boat for three weeks, I believe they should be a little more patient and give the county time to help us find a solution.

Once again I just want to thank the Franklin County government for all the good things they do, and especially Cheryl and Tommy.

Susan Tolle