Lately, a couple times a day friends and neighbors have been asking me, “Hey, I heard you were there, what’s going on at the senior center, anyway?”

Yes, I was there and this is what happened:

The by-laws of the Franklin County Senior Citizen Council specify that an annual meeting be held on the second Wednesday of September. This is called a Senior Council meeting and it’s the one time each year that property owners and residents over 50 years old get to vote for members of their board of directors.

About 40 of us showed-up at the Carrabelle Senior Center on Wednesday, Sept. 11. When we walked in, the board member at the front desk told us, “If you’re here for the annual meeting, it was held yesterday!”

At that point most left, but a dozen or so stayed to see if we could find out what happened. The center was open to the public and perhaps 20 people were engaged in various activities, but when we sat down and started talking a senior center officer confronted us and said that if we didn’t leave immediately we would be charged with trespassing. We didn’t leave and shortly a Carrabelle city police officer arrived. He was polite and professional and left a few minutes later without arresting anybody. We talked things over a bit and decided to attend the next board of directors meeting on Oct. 9.

There were about 40 of us at that next meeting and we asked that a date be set for a meeting of the Senior Council of Franklin County. The president said, “No!” Period. No explanation whatsoever. Just, “No!”

Then a member of the board of directors made a motion to schedule a Senior Council meeting and another board member seconded it. The vote was 5-3 against. At that point two board of directors members resigned and walked out.

And as they say on Mullet Beach, “That-there’s the story.”