The following report is provided by the Franklin County Sheriff's Office. Arrests listed here were made, as noted, by officers from the Apalachicola Police Department and the Franklin County Sheriff's Office. All defendants are to be considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


Oct. 1

Stefan L. Sims, 50, Port St. Joe, violation of probation (FCSO)

Rashon Bahammou, 23, Tallahassee, robbery (FCSO)


Oct. 2

Christopher G. Proctor, 28, Apalachicola, domestic battery (FCSO)

Evan P. Wiley, 19, Tallahassee, violation of probation (FCSO)

Arlene D. Shiver, 48, Apalachicola, violation of probation (FCSO)

Lenanya Q. Morris, 21, Port St. Joe, child abuse and criminal mischief (FCSO)

George D. Cain, 54, Eastpoint, domestic battery (FCSO)

Danny M. Pinho, 50, Apalachicola, attaching improper license plate and driving while license suspended or revoked (APD)

Gary M. Engard, 56, Alligator Point, DUI (FCSO)

Joseph C. Zingarelli, 40, Apalachicola, burglary (FCSO)


Oct. 3

David D. Hartman, 35, Eastpoint, violation of probation (FCSO)

George V. Vause, 62, Eastpoint, aggravated battery with a deadly, weapon, and public affray (FCSO)

Juan R. Nava, 34, Hosford, lewd or lascivious battery (FCSO)


Oct. 4

Brandi Stulsky, 36, Carrabelle, violation of probation (FCSO)


Oct. 5

Tomas Juan, 26, Apalachicola, DUI and failure to appear (FCSO)

Daniel L. Page, 36, Apalachicola, theft and tampering with a utility meter (FCSO)

Devin D. Gilbert, 35, Eastpoint, lewd or lascivious battery (FCSO)


Oct. 6

Carlos Velazquez, 27, Quincy, no valid drivers license (FCSO)