Please be on the lookout (BOLO) for a 2007-2013 White Dodge Avenger that was involved in a hit and crash In Leon County Saturday evening.

This vehicle struck a pedestrian Oct. 5 at approximately 7 p.m. on Old Bainbridge Road, north of Perkins Road, in Leon County. The driver of the vehicle failed to stop at the crash scene and left the pedestrian in critical condition. The vehicle was witnessed traveling northbound on Old Bainbridge Road.

The following damage is known: The right headlight assembly is broken off. The right side mirror is damaged and missing the actual mirror piece inside the mirror assembly. The car may also have other damage to the hood, fender, right side doors and windshield.

The accompanying photograph are for example only. The vehicle may be slightly different in appearance.

Any contact with the vehicle please notify Tallahassee Florida Highway Patrol at (850) 245-7700, *FHP on your cellular device, or Sergeant Aaron Stephens (Traffic Homicide Investigations) at (850) 410-3066.