Officer Gore was conducting surveillance on a boat landing and while watching vessels return to the landing, one vessel operator caught his attention. The operator was having difficulty docking the boat and backing his trailer into the water to load his boat. The operator showed several signs of impairment. As the operator attempted to load his boat, he fell into the water.

At this point, Gore intervened and identified himself as an FWC officer. Again, the operator showed signs of impairment during a boating safety inspection and did poorly on field sobriety tasks. The subject was placed under arrest for boating under the influence and transported to the Franklin County Jail. While at the jail, the vessel operator submitted to a breath test, which revealed his breath alcohol content was 0.15 and 0.14.

Gore was conducting surveillance on individuals fishing at a local fishing spot, when two individuals pulled up beside him and parked in two separate vehicles next to him. One of the operators exited his vehicle and approached the window of the other vehicle. After a brief conversation, the subject produced a large sum of cash and handed it through the window to the subject in the car. He then walked around and got into the passenger seat of that car.

Gore maintained surveillance on the subjects and made contact with Franklin County Sheriff’s Office and reported the suspicious activity. The K-9 Unit arrived on scene and conducted a consensual search of the vehicle and the two suspects. A large amount of cash was recovered along with a large amount of prescription pills (Percocet). Neither of the subjects had prescriptions for the controlled substance and both were arrested by sheriff’s deputies.