“Bigfoot Enigma” is an interesting read for a rainy afternoon.

Have you ever wondered about Bigfoot? Scott Marlowe answers all your questions and raises a few more in his newest book to be released later this year.

Marlowe, a frequent visitor to Franklin County, last month had a meet-and-greet at Downtown Books where he signed copies of his first publication “Cryptid Creatures of Florida.”

Bookstore owner Dale Julian said the book is a big seller with the beach crowd.

In “Bigfoot Enigma,” Marlowe summarizes sightings of “wild men” around the world. It seems they occur on every continent but Antarctica and many Pacific Islands. He points out that large apes and in particular man’s ancestors, were and are relatively rare animals living in dispersed populations. He conjectures that scattered populations of an unknown ape or apes may still exist in wilderness areas.

Marlowe cites the Bili Ape, a population of unknown primates recently discovered in central Africa, to support his reasoning.

The volume includes quotes from the famed primate behavior specialist Dr. Jane Goodall acknowledging the possibility that Bigfoot may be real. “I’m a romantic. I always wanted them to exist,” said Goodall.

Marlowe also outlines the latest research on DNA typing of hair believed to have come from unknown apes.

In addition, the book contains a broad collection of accounts of Bigfoot encounters throughout history. It is liberally illustrated with both photographs and artistic renderings of the elusive creature.

If you have an open mind and are in the mood for a little thought provoking speculation, then look for Bigfoot Enigma to be released around Christmas. - By LOIS SWOBODA