Historic Apalachicola Main Street recently completed another downtown improvement project in Apalachicola. Hand rails have been installed along the west block of U.S. 98 in the center of town, which encompasses several businesses including a restaurant, retail shops, and a law office.

The Main Street design committee chose this project for safety and aesthetics reason. Members of the board of directors held several meetings with building and shop owners along that block to discuss what could be done to the steps to make them more attractive and safer.

 “From the discussions with the business owners, we initially thought of redesigning the steps,” said Jim Bachrach, chair of the design committee. “However, the group eventually decided the steps are part of our history and rather than change what has been then for forever, we would install railings; keeping with our mission of preserving and enhancing the downtown area.”

Main Street located a fabricator in Port St. Joe and they worked closely on the design and installation of the railings. “It seems to be accepted from the community as a good thing and it was a pleasure working with our shop owners on this project” said Bachrach.

The Apalachicola Area Historical Society has now asked Main Street to do the necessary leg work to have railings put in front of the Raney House.

Main Street, affiliated with the state and national Main Street organization, has the objective of taking on an aggressive, ongoing revitalization program for Apalachicola. Main Street continues to work towards improving the overall look of the downtown area