A Dog Island resident escaped serious injury after his small plane crashed en route to Jackson, Ga.

Claude C. Nardy, 59, who owns a home on Gulf Shores Drive on Dog Island, was piloting a 1941 Aeronca Chief when he crashed Monday afternoon outside Thomaston, Ga., authorities said.

The Aeronca Chief, which is registered to Nardy, was a side-by-side two-seater propeller plane popular as a touring aircraft and trainer. During World War II, the Army Air Corps used a version of it called the L-16.

Upson County, Ga. Sheriff Dan Kilgore said Nardy and Vera Allen, 39, of McDonough, Ga. went down just before 1 p.m. in a rural area near Logtown Road, 10 miles outside Thomaston.

The plane crashed into a stand of pine trees, and the couple was able to exit the plane. The sheriff described heavy damage to several areas of the single-engine plane, including a wing, the tail and propeller. He said the Upson 911 center was able to locate the crash site by using the cell phone signal from the victims’ call for help.

Nardy was taken to Upson Regional Medical Center for treatment of what appeared to be minor injuries, Kilgore said. He said Allen was the only passenger on board and appeared to be unharmed in the crash.

Kilgore said the pair was headed toSeven Lakes Airport in Jackson, Ga., when the pilot reported running out of fuel. Federal Aviation Administration spokesperson Kathleen Bergen said the agency is investigating the crash. -By LOIS SWOBODA