It was over 30 years ago when I received a call from your daddy, Clifford Eugene Jones, exclaiming you had been born!

You were his first and only child and our (mine, your aunts Pauline, Pat and Carol and uncle Charles) first niece. You were also your Grandma Pearlie's first grandchild and we were all so excited and filled with joy unspeakable. Lord, Mamma must have told everybody in Apalachicola, including the inmates at the county jail. It was one of those happy moments in her life that we were able to experience together, as a family. She loved you to her end.

Although most knew you by Shamone, your daddy called you "lady" for you were the apple of his eye and he became your world. The two of you were inseparable. I remember when he would bring you around your grandma's house and you would follow him around everywhere, and of course, that was perfectly fine with him.

As the years went by he still called you lady and occasionally so did we. After he passed away, no one else ever called you lady, and I wonder why? His passing took a toll on you and for that I am sorry that you had to experience such horrific pain at such a tender age. Sadly, the same pain that my nieces and nephew, your children, are experiencing right now.

You had no compass for the most part of your life and you wandered aimlessly for years. Years later I observed you coming into your own. Evidence of that were your three lovely children, Jamarie, Shazz and Rontierra, who absolutely adored their mom. I remember the last time you visited me and we went shopping and I bought those blue high heel shoes that you just had to have. You really rock those shoes, baby girl!

Such a beautiful young lady you were and how grateful I was to have spent that time with you, Auntie Pauline and Pat.

I never imagined that only a few years later that those same two aunties would be by your bedside many times, during health challenges. I am so proud of Pauline and Pat and your granddaddy, Clifford E. Jones Sr., for dropping whatever they were doing to be by your bedsides each time. They kept me in the loop and in my last phone conversation with you, I'll always remember your very last words, "I love you auntie." We had a great time. I will mostly remember our conversation about your desire to have all three of your children together and what you wanted for them in life and the plans you had for making sure they become a success in this life. You begin to cry and so did I. As your auntie, and a mother, I felt your pain. As I held you, I could see that you too just needed someone to love and care for you and after all those absent years I am glad, for that moment, I was there.

Moments later, as only she could do, Rontierra came running downstairs having completed her bath, brushed her teeth, said her prayers and came downstairs to give me and you a hug before you took her back upstairs to tuck her into bed. You raised her well. She did exactly what you had instructed her to do and in the order you gave instructions.

I was really impressed with your motherly duties and wished at that moment, for those who didn't know that part of you, to have seen you at one of the things you did well, and that was being a mother.

You leave Jamarie, Shazz and Rontierra behind but rest assured I will assist with making sure they become the ladies and gentleman you prayed hoped for.

RIP with your daddy, Lady.

Love always,

Auntie Brenda, Heather, Matt, and Brocky Boy