How embarrassing!

Why did “the Times” broadcast the lack of patriotism of a few residents of this county in a large type headline across page 1 stating “No To War Games” ?

Less than 1 percent of us do our duty to America by serving a stint in the U.S. military. Now, with necessary budget cuts, it is logical that communities close to existing military facilities that can help in the training mission ought to do it. We actually should be proud to do it. It’s not like we will be invaded by a U.S. Army armored division with a thousand track vehicles.’

The slight inconvenience which even the most enthusiastic users of Tate’s Hell State Forest will experience, compared with the frequent and long deployments of members of the military, isn’t even deserving of debate. We should be welcoming our military neighbors from nearby. Maybe we’ll hear the sounds of C-130s, helicopters and after-burners. Be glad we can hear, even at a distance, the sound of the strength of American power that has kept us free.

They may be called “games” but military training is anything but a game. It is preparation for a fight to the death.


Tom Stover

U.S. Army 65-67