On Saturday, cryptozoologist and author Scott Marlowe visited Downtown Books in Apalachicola to sign copies of “The Cryptid Creatures of Florida,” meet with fans and discuss several upcoming works. A cryptozoologist studies reports of unknown animals not universally accepted by the scientific community, and sightings of animals believed to be extinct. Examples include the chubacabra, the Loch Ness monster, the ivory-billed woodpecker and Sasquatch.  Marlowe has made a career of seeking out curious critters and writing about his experiences.

Shop owner Dail Julian said the signing was a great success and praised Marlowe for his ability to engage his audience. Marlowe said his readers can expect several new books over the next two years, including “Bigfoot Enigma,” which should be on the shelf by Christmas, and “Bigfoot in Art History,” expected to debut sometime next year. Also possibly in the future, is a book dealing with sports history that is still in the early stages of research and planning.