Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Officer Allen was on patrol in Bald Point State Park when he observed a group of individuals fishing from the pier inside the park. Allen set up surveillance and observed individuals in the group catch several fish and place them in a bucket. After a period of time, Allen walked over to the group and identified himself. An inspection of the catch revealed five undersized red drum. Citations were issued and the fish were returned to the water alive.

Officers Gore and Allen were on patrol when they went by a local boat ramp in Apalachicola. They noticed an old airboat hull with a motor attached and tied to a dock with no registration numbers. Further inspection revealed an individual lying down in the boat asleep.

They set up surveillance and waited for the individual in the boat to awake. When the occupant got up, they approached the boat and identified themselves. Inspection of the boat revealed the occupant had been floundering and was in possession of 22 flounder. Also, the boat was not registered and had numerous boating safety violations. Citations were issued for commercial floundering without a restricted species endorsement and the occupant/fisherman was allowed to keep his recreational bag limit. The other flounder were seized and a court order was obtained and the fish were donated to a local charity organization.

Officer Allen was following up on information that an individual was harvesting oysters at night. When he arrived at the location where the individual docked his boat, he found the suspectís boat tied to the dock with a commercial quantity of oysters on board. Allen set up surveillance on the vessel. After a lengthy surveillance, the suspect showed up late in the day and unloaded the oysters and took them to a local shellfish dealer. Once the process of the sale to the dealer had taken place, Allen identified himself and requested assistance from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (DACS). Allen detained the suspect while personnel from DACS inspected the dealer.

During the investigation, the suspect admitted to Allen that he had harvested the oysters the previous day and the oysters had been sitting in the vessel for 17 hours. Allen cited the individual for failing to tag oysters and failure to deliver in the required time. The DACS officer seized the oysters and cited the dealer for improper coding of shellfish tags.