Iíll remember Apalach and its very old ways;

I'll remember this old town the rest of my days.


Not more than two hours from where Granddad would praise

This ole town's big fish and crystal clear bays.


The first time the waters I crossed brought a hush -

For the wild was so peaceful, undeniably lush.


The pelicans and osprey - many an eagle, too,

Were often in plain sight over rich acres of blue.


Waters flowed freely for hundreds of years,

No hold back was fathomed: there seemed nothing to fear.


But many years later the struggle grew near:

Vast tons of crude oil to the west did appear.


And then came the onslaught, lethal carriers were they,

Of man's broken promises of life better one day.


In cities upriver very few had been taught

That conserving their water was not just for naught.


We said send us the water, let the estuary thrive,

Send us the water to keep us alive.


But the River and Bay they grew barren in time:

Salinity and panic had wiped out our spine.


Years later I remember the heart and the soul

Of the old town in glory before I was old.


I ne'er see a pelican or a dolphin at play -

More apt a skeleton at night walk the Bay.


I will remember that beautiful Bay,

And the River that ran through

And helped make it that way.


I will remember this old special town,

Before fear and greed let its good people down.


Melicent Remy