I watched as the middle-aged thin woman run merrily along the bay, with her large Golden unleashed dog. She giggled as her dog approached our leashed pets and explained her dog to be harmless and how much it loved the waterfront. After she was gone, I used a large bag to pick up her dog’s feces on the sand. A duty I am sure was never meant to be in her memory of the day.

If by chance you see her, please explain:

If left on the ground, your dog's excrement “is harmful," including bacteria, viruses and other microbes. A heavy rainstorm and spring run-off can easily carry dog waste into streams and rivers. Your pet's waste can also cause illness in other animals and in people. Dog excrement contains a long list of bad bugs, including adenovirus, parvovirus, giardia, coccidian, roundworm, and tapeworm.

I may have picked up your dog's "leftovers" today, but it was not for you. It was for everybody else...


Susan Fewell

Lanark Village