Unusually heavy flooding occurred in Lanark Village over the weekend.

Water from heavy rains on Saturday night accumulated in the area of Kentucky Avenue on the far north of the Village.

Emergency Management Coordinator Mike Rundel, a Lanark resident, said the area was a dry lake that filled and overflowed during Saturday’s torrential rains.

Snyder said the depression had held water until about the severe drought began about 10 years ago. Rundel said two trailers were flooded when the depression overflowed.

 “This is a good starting point for a mitigation strategy,” said Rundel. “We’re already looking for mitigation money. The funding may be available under FEMA’s Flood Mitigation Program, Pre-disaster Mitigation Program or Hazard Mitigation Grant Program.”

Longtime resident Bill Snyder said the area was the former parade ground for Camp Gordon Johnston. He said the asphalt surface was removed more than 20 years ago and some topsoil had been removed leaving a depression.

Although the National Weather Service said that about an inch of rain fell at Apalachicola Regional Airport, Rod Gasche of Carrabelle, using both a digital and traditional rain gauge, reported more than seven inches fell on his home on Saturday night.