Just singing in the rain, just singing in the rain! It doesn’t seem to dampen any spirits.

Fifty-five of us gathered at Chillas Hall last Sunday to honor our longtime friend and neighbor, Mary Jane Kitamura and thank her for her many years of volunteer work and just being a good friend and neighbor. We also enjoyed the food and fellowship. There was fried chicken, cole slaw and sweet potato casserole from Hog Wild Barbeque and many dishes and desserts brought in from others.

There was a large crowd at the pancake breakfast at the Lanark Village Boat Club, last Saturday and also at the Birthday Bash at Camp Gordon Johnston American Legion Post 82.

Not much new until Labor Day.

In the meantime…be kind to one another, check in on the sick and the housebound and smile, Jesus loves you..

Until next time, God bless America, our troops, and the poor, homeless and hungry.