Work is planned on Begonia Street and C.C Land Road in Eastpoint over the coming month.

At the Aug. 6 county meeting, County Planner Alan Pierce said Eastpoint Water and Sewer (EWS) plans to cut Begonia Street where it meets US 98. He said CW Roberts would do the work.

Howard Nabors, who heads the county’s road department, said one of the two water mains that run under Begonia is no longer usable and will be capped. He said Begonia has already been cut at the same point to service one of the water lines.

Commissioner Pinki Jackel asked that the project be tabled until she could review the scope of work.

Pierce told her EWS was informing the county of the project, not asking permission. He said it was possible the cut had already been made.

Jackel asked if a county permit was not needed and Pierce said it would not because the cut will be within the state right-of-way and has been coordinated with the Florida Department of Transportation. Pierce said C.W. Roberts would repair the street to standard county specifications.

“I have concerns,” said Jackel. “I don’t want to stop it. I’d just like to make sure they’re not cutting more than they need to. Patches are always a problem.”

Chair Cheryl Sanders said, “In an act of good faith, they could at least get a hold of the commissioner for the district and talk to her about it.”

Resurfacing of two miles of C.C. Land road is also scheduled to begin over the next month. In June, C.W Roberts won the contract with a low bid of $681,222. A DOT grant will fund $646,578 of the work.

Resurfacing was delayed until several landowners, including a new RV park under construction on US 98, could connect to city water and sewer.

Pierce said he believed the resurfacing is scheduled to begin over the next two weeks.

 “Someone be sure to call and make sure all of the cuts have been completed before we resurface the road,” said Commissioner Noah Lockley said.