As your current city commissioner I thank you for allowing me the honor of being your public servant the past two years. During that time I have always informed and involved the public in ongoing city business. I have met weekly with constituents in order to obtain citizen input and to better meet our citizens’ needs. I have attended every commission meeting since elected and demonstrated integrity on all levels. I always represent Carrabelle in a proud and professional manner and have proven myself to be an honest, fair, hardworking, transparent, and dependable leader.

During my initial term I diligently researched many of the Florida statutes, city charter, and code of ordinances, all of which the commission needs to comply with so that best city business practices may be put into action. I research every item that comes before the commission and report on those items, which the public has a right to hear. I have always asked the difficult questions and will continue to encourage public discussion.

I participate in Economic Diversification Summits where community leaders work together to bring new businesses and jobs to our area and to find ways to support existing businesses. I provide input to Carrabelle’s EDC forum on topics such as new industries and mobile broadband service. I have attended numerous meetings with business owners interested in relocating their business to the Hexaport Building.

I work closely with Carrabelle’s engineering and financial consultants. I attend workshops and lectures to learn about water and sewer matters, emergency management, public health concerns, storm water and watershed issues, and traffic safety. These ongoing activities help me to better represent you as a city commissioner and as a member of the county’s RESTORE Act Council.

During last year’s budget workshops, I strongly opposed the proposed 9.27 millage rate and insisted on a lower rate of 8.75. After hard decisions on cutbacks, a rate of 8.77 was unanimously approved. I will continue working hard to keep city property taxes lowered. At my suggestion, reuse-water irrigation lines will be installed with the expanded landscaping project along US 98E to 30A, saving the city thousands of dollars. Plans now include reuse water line extensions to the cemeteries and nearby parks.

With determination and weeks of research I was able to sort out the very complicated sewer plant expansion loan/grant program. I have met and worked with legislative aides and DEP loan administrators and positioned the city to restructure the DEP loan which will now be more beneficial to the rate payers and demonstrate long-term financial responsibility.

My current projects include jumpstarting the revitalization of Carrabelle’s commercial district by advocating for public CRA meetings and planning, continued efforts to clean up garbage dump sites which cause health and environmental concerns, and completion of the 12th Street public recreational fishing pier.

I am dedicated and work full-time to effectively get things done on behalf of every Carrabelle citizen.