Audrey Olivia Massey, 41, works for the Florida Department of Corrections.

She is concerned for the most vulnerable segments of the community.

“I come from a political family,” she said, “I know what Carrabelle needs. There’s nothing for the kids and there’s nothing for people to do that come to town. I’d like to take the Carrabelle gym and get a grant to put something in here for kids. Wakulla just got a grant to build a YMCA. I’d like to see a YMCA or a skating rink here. That would put some people to work too. “

Massey is also concerned about Carrabelle’s senior citizens. “We used to see 100 people for lunch at the senior center,” she said. “Now we barely see a dozen.”

Massey said she appreciates the plight of people on fixed incomes. “I can promise the people of Carrabelle I will never vote for utility bills to go up,” she said.

Referring to the city’s debt for its water treatment upgrade, she said, “If the Department of Environmental Protection can’t wait for their money, tell them to come and pull the pipes up out of the ground and take it back. I guarantee they don’t want that.

“We need visitors and jobs,” Massey said. “We need to see money managed better. It was a waste of money to buy the Moore House when they could have spent the money on riverside property for commercial use. There is no longer anywhere on our waterfront to dock commercial boats. It’s time to give somebody else a chance to see if they can get something done.”

Massey said she strongly supports the Camp Gordon Johnston Museum. “It’s a major priority of mine,” she said.

She supports mandatory trash pick-up but wants to see the city take over the operation rather than a private company. She also said she “passionately wants to clean up Carrabelle’s roadsides” and sees litter as a major issue.

Addressing questions about her father, Mayor Curly Messer, she said, “We hardly ever see eye-to-eye on anything. We probably debate more than the presidential candidates.”

She said accusations of nepotism are unfounded under the law and in reality. “I have filed all of my paperwork. I like fair politics,” she said. “I just want to run a clean election.”

Massey said she plans to recuse herself from any issues where there is a conflict of interest including prison matters.