Once, again, the county commission has hung the citizens out to dry!

The single mom trying to raise her children, the seafood worker trying to survive a dying industry, the senior citizen choosing between medications and food are just fodder for commission mismanagement.

The commission simply believes that just by taxing citizens some more is the answer to their incompetence. The real tragedy is that the county budget is not a financial challenge; rather it is a management challenge. Sadly, the commission is nowhere near up to the challenge.

I strongly suggest that the commission read the editorial by Mr. Feiferís of the Concerned Citizens of Franklin County (See Times, July 25, 2013) and then hang their heads in shame.

It is time the citizens of Franklin County gave serious thought to abandoning the commission paradigm.

I have been informed that there are monkeys available who are better trained in fiscal, personnel, and natural resource management than our current commissioners. The suggestion notwithstanding, bananas all round.

John Hitron