Summer is in full swing and you know what that means! Caitlin's third annual Beach Cleanup is on its way, happening Wednesday, Aug. 14 from 8-10 a.m. on St. George Island.

The event will kick off with a meeting at Sometimes It's Hotter, 112 East Gulf Beach Dr., and after the event, there will be a meeting back at the store for refreshments..

The planners would like to accommodate a bigger crowd than the last two years to raise awareness about the marine life that is in danger of trash.

The event organizer, Caitlin Smith, said trash is unable to decompose regularly and properly on the beach as it would normally at a landfill. “I would like to recognize how long it takes for ‘everyday trash’ to decompose as many people don't think of how much harm they are putting on the delicate eco life,” she said. “It takes 400 years for a plastic six-pack holder to decompose. In addition, the little holes can become stuck around dolphins' noses and mouths.

“It also takes 50 years for an aluminum can and 1000 years for a glass bottle to decompose,” said Smith. “These regular objects such as soda and beer bottle caps can also hurt humans when they become rusty and may cut bottoms of feet while walking on the beach. Fishing line (nylon) takes a whopping 600 years to decompose! “

Smith made a personal appeal for everyone to pick up their used cigarette butts. “They have many chemicals that may cause them to take up to five years to decompose!” she said. “Cigarettes are also even worse when ingested, as marine life may think of the trash as food, and they can become horribly sick and die. The beach is not a human ashtray or trash can. 

“ I hope to see everyone on August 14 at the Beach Cleanup. In the meantime, thank you for your efforts in keeping the beach clean,” she said.