On July 9, the Jacob Stilow party, fishing with Capt. Grayson Shepard had an unusual experience. They landed not one but two goliath groupers. The angler shown here is Brian Thompson from Nashville, Tenn. Country music performer Marcus Hummon also landed a goliath.

Shepard said the party was catching vermillion snapper, also known as “Beeliners” at the site of the Empire Mica undersea shipwreck. “About every third fish would be eaten by a goliath as it was being reeled in,” he said. “The goliaths would pull drag, taking the lines into the wreck and then cut them off. This happened probably 15 times. Finally, Brian was able to pull this one back out of the wreck and to the surface.”

Shepard said the fight lasted close to half an hour, and that Thompson’s fish weighed around 300 pounds. Hummon also hooked up with a goliath and he too was able to get that one up as well. Shepard said both were released, in accordance with both state and federal laws that require the fish to be returned immediately to the water, free, alive and unharmed.

“ It's very rare to land a goliath and much more so to get two at the same time,” said Shepard.